Get Up Offa That Thang

Named after one of the all-time great tracks by The Godfather of Soul himself, this rich, malty brown ale drinks like playing your favourite record. The hiss and the pop of the can opening followed by the sizzle of gentle carbonation gets you ready for the show. Layers of malt pile upon each other like instruments in an analogue studio session. And when the hook kicks in, you always remember exactly why you keep coming back. Oh yeah, this beer has got soul.


Brown Ale





On Tap

16oz: $8.00
10oz: $5.50

Tasting Notes

Smooth yet complex, Get Up Offa That Thang features a depth that can only be achieved by stacking malt on top of malt – building flavour in layers. This results in a profile rich with caramel and toffee flavours at the forefront, backed by a toasty breadiness and subtle notes of raisins, dates, and dried figs. A hint of dark chocolate and coffee rounds out the profile to give balance.

Food Pairings

Cobb salad, warm spinach dip, roast chicken, mashed potatoes & gravy, pot roast, Yorkshire pudding, Death By Chocolate trifle, traditional bread pudding


Golden Promise, Maris Otter, Golden Naked Oats, Crystal Malts, Special B, Chocolate Malt


London ESB