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How did we get here? What's our deal? Find out more about DMC.

Devil May Care began with a dream.

Brought together by a mutual disdain for the lack of options in Manitoba’s craft beer industry, homebrewers Colin Koop and Steve Gauthier started brewing together in 2015.

After exploring the buzzing beer scenes and craft culture outside their province, Colin and Steve saw the need to ignite that same passion and bring those same experiences back home to Winnipeg. 

Starting a collaboration with Stone Angel Brewing, the two craft beer upstarts launched Devil May Care Brewing in 2018, sharing space, knowledge, and experience with friends as a natural fit to start making their mark on their local beer scene.

The first brews from Devil May Care will be ready in summer of 2018, and will be inspired by the combination of Brewer Steve’s traditional, science-based approach and Colin’s passion for creative ingredients and new industry trends.

Come on in, have a beer, and live the dream with us.

Upcoming Events

July 18, 2020

DMC’s 2nd Birthday Bash
The Beer Can – 220 Main St
12:00 pm – Late





330-830 King Edward St
Winnipeg, MB