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Winnipeg's Little Brewery That Could


When we first opened our taproom doors to the public on December 23, 2022, it was the culmination of a rollercoaster ride that started in 2015.

Devil May Care Brewing had been the long-running brainchild and passion project of Steve Gauthier and Colin Koop, two long-time homebrewing buddies who had caught the pro-brewing bug in a big way. They first begun business planning in 2015 and quickly realized that it would take more capital and more connections than either two could come up with, even combined. Luckily for DMC, they were too determined (read: stubborn) to back off and the duo tackled hurdle after ill-advised hurdle.

Then in 2018, an opportunity arose to enter the Manitoba market as a contract brewer at Stone Angel Brewing in Winnipeg, MB. That summer, we released our first batch of beer to the public at Flatlanders Beer Festival in Winnipeg. In the months that followed, core brands like Starstuff, Get Up Offa That Thang, and Golden Record were established as well as our first seasonal – Tabula Rosa. DMC’s product catalogue grew, as did our reputation for quality beer, creative recipes, and sharp wit.

In 2020, the global COVID-19 pandemic forced us into a strategy change, and with that came a move to cross-town neighbours Torque Brewing with a greater focus on canned beer and distribution. While this also took our hands off our own beer for a time, it also allowed Steve and Colin to refocus and reshape what the future of DMC looked like.

When the opportunity arose to open a brand-new brewery in the middle of Downtown Winnipeg at Fort & York, the guys realized that it wasn’t one they could pass up. Pooling every resource they could muster up, the two families moved mountains to make the numbers work and a lease was signed for the facility at 155 Fort St. In October 2021, construction began with most of the project being a DIY effort. Then, after 14 months of plot twists and sliding deadlines, we finally poured our first pints in our taproom on the day before Christmas 2022.

Today, DMC is Winnipeg’s smallest brewery by brewing capacity – but we wouldn’t have it any other way. We’re small by design, able to brew beers across the style spectrum and ensure that there is something for everyone in our lineup. We don’t distribute very far – in fact you’ll only find us on tap in a few bars across town and in cans at even fewer retail stores. We like to make sure that when you come to visit us, you’re getting us at our very best and that means that most of what we make stays in-house for our taproom guests.

With a growing team of dedicated beer geeks and a growing trophy cabinet of brewing awards, DMC is here to be Winnipeg’s downtown beer destination both for locals and visitors alike. Pop in for a pint or two (or ten… let’s be honest, we aren’t going to stop you) and see what two beer-loving idiots can dream up from literally nothing.

Taproom Hours

Monday – Wednesday
Noon – 9:00 pm

Thursday – Saturday
Noon – 11:00 pm

Noon – 7:00 pm

* Open until 11:00 for all evening Jets games!





155-A Fort St.
Winnipeg, MB