What's on Tap?

I'll have one of each, please.

Coming soon.

So this is embarrassing.

Here you are, craft beer fan, wanting to know about what amazing craft beer DMC is going to be releasing on Day One, and here we are telling you that we don’t know. Oops, our bad. That’s on us.

We promise that we’ve got a lot of great ideas and we’re working really hard to make sure we get some mind-blowing brew into your glass soon. Recipes take time, and we want to make sure we get this right.

So while we go off and do that, let’s try something a little different. Rather than us tell you what we’re going to brew for you, you tell us what you want to drink. It’s not hard – just use the form on this page to submit your idea and who knows… you could end up inspiring the next big thing. If we brew your beer, we’ll give you some cred so you can be cooler than your friends and maybe you’ll even get some sweet DMC swag.

So don’t delay, let those ideas fly!

* Please do not request a durian radler. All requests for durian beer will be flat-out denied.

Send us your idea!

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