Tabula Rosa

Remember the summer that you wished never ended? Well, we managed to find it and put it in a can. A crisp, easy-drinking wheat beer base infused with copious amounts of hibiscus give Tabula Rosa its characteristic crimson hue and subtle tart fruitiness. It’s as stunning to look at as it refreshing to drink.


Hibiscus Wheat Beer





On Tap

16oz: $8.00
10oz: $5.50

In Cans

473ml: $4.25

Tasting Notes

Tabula Rosa begins life as a pale American Wheat beer, acting as a blank slate upon which our secondary ingredients are allowed to shine. A huge infusion of hibiscus petals adds tartness and produces raspberry-like a subtle floral qualities. A restrained dose of dry hops helps to accentuate tropical, red berry characteristics, adding depth and vibrancy without being overpowering.

Food Pairings

Green goddess salad, Vietnamese rice rolls, grilled scallops, sushi, pork tenderloin, white chocloate, pistachio ice cream


Columbus, Citra, Enigma


2-Row Pale, Wheat


American Ale