Love It Or Hate It

Yes, this is the beer you've been hearing about in the Winnipeg Free Press and on CTV News. You've seen it on Instagram and on Reddit. We put out a challenge to the members of the Winnipeg Brew Bombers homebrew club to make the "most Winnipeg" beer they could think of, and Chuck McKenzie stepped up and won the right to brew his beer at DMC. The winning beer? A chocolate-vanilla pastry stout brewed to bear a striking resemblance to a Jeanne's Cake - a divisive but legendary Winnipeg treat.


2023 DMC Winnipeg Brew Bombers Challenge


Jeanne's Cake Pastry Stout





On Tap

16oz: $9.00
10oz: $7.50

Tasting Notes

Chocolate and vanilla at the forefront, with supporting malty, cookie-like notes.

Food Pairings

What else? Jeanne's Cake! (Marble or Banana, if you please).