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DOwntown Winnipeg

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Small Batch Beer

When we first came up with the plans to open a taproom, we endeavoured to create a space for community and to create a space that paid tribute to craft beer culture. We envisioned that our little beer bar in the middle of Downtown Winnipeg could be a craft beer haven for locals and visitors alike. Today, our taproom is the best (and often only) way to experience DMC beer. When you visit us, you’ll find 16 beer taps in a wide range of styles – many of which are small batches that aren’t available anywhere but here. Come as you are with friends, family, or on your own.

The Devil May Care Brewing taproom is located at:

155-A Fort St.
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3C 1C8

We Believe IN Great craft beer

The marketplace is full of choices and you deserve the best craft beer for your hard-earned dollar. That’s why we at Devil May Care aim to provide you with the widest range of styles, top-quality ingredients, creative recipes, and using innovative brewing techniques in the industry today. We don’t skimp on quality because we want you to have the best beer possible in your glass.

Fresh IPAs

Our IPAs are fresh, hoppy, and crisp. Whether they are West Coast, Midwest, or New England style, we brew these for the hop-heads out there who just can’t seem to get enough fresh hoppy awesomeness.

Rich, Malty Stouts

We like our stout like they’re supposed to be – full bodied and full of rich malt. We brew these bad boys to 11 and never hold back. Love oatmeal stouts, pastry stouts, or Russian Imperials? We’ve got one for you.

Crazy Stuff

Coffee-infused ale featuring locally roasted beans? Check. Wild-fermented sours with fruit from the farmers market? Check. Something funky with Brett? Check. If you can dream it, we can brew it.

Fresh, Exciting Hops

We use hops sourced from the best hop suppliers around. From traditional noble European to zesty American to tropical New Zealand, we’ve got our eyes on the hop scene. Expect to see exciting experimental varieties, new hype hops, and old-school classics in our hop blends.

High Quality Malt

 To make great beer, you need to use great malt. We only use the best malt in the beer-making process, which means we don’t cut corners and we don’t cheat. Devil May Care beer always contains the right malt for the job so you you can always enjoy an exceptional brew.

Craft Beer Loud. Winnipeg Proud.

We’re a team of dedicated craft beer lovers with a passion for all things Winnipeg. Every choice we make is so we can make the best beer possible and bring exceptional craft beer culture to you. We love this city and we make it our mission to brew great pints and provide our own unique taproom experience.

Devil May Blog – Latest News

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Pouring One Out For Our Homies

Pouring One Out For Our Homies

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Taproom Hours

Monday – Wednesday
Noon – 9:00 pm

Thursday – Saturday
Noon – 11:00 pm

Noon – 7:00 pm

* Open until 11:00 for all evening Jets games!





155-A Fort St.
Winnipeg, MB